Well, it’s complicated. An ecard website always has people’s email addresses in its database, so I’m always concerned about security.

The other thing is that over the years Wrongcards became a very, very large web-application. So much so that maintaining it became very time-consuming and tiresome.

Complicated web applications are not good, particularly when most of the time there is only one person keeping an eye on them.

I’ve known for a long time that, come September, I’d be refocusing my energies on creating cards again, but the thought of dealing with Wrongcards’ antiquated back-end application gave me the screaming heebiejeebies.

Then one day last month, out of the blue, I had an idea - a guaranteed way to make the entire website much more secure, and simpler - and faster! - and ludicrously inexpensive to maintain. It really was a very good idea. I have those occasionally.

What does this all this mean? Well, nothing for you, probably, but a great deal for me. Psychologically, making Wrongcards easy to manage means a great deal to me. But importantly, it will free up my time and I can get back to writing books and creating cards and going for walks!

I know this isn’t a very informative post but it’s really just to reassure people that I’m still here, and that Wrongcards - after nine years of operation - will be relaunching in September ‘17 in a big way.

So here’s to that.

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