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About Kris St.Gabriel

I am a tiny-bit internet famous for creating wrongcards, a wonderfully silly ecards website that’s been around since 2008.

I also write novels. That’s the main thing. If you found me via wrongcards, then you owe it to yourself to pick up one of my books. They’re much funnier.

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The Story So Far

I grew up in mostly small rural towns in Queensland, Australia. I attended a dozen schools, then went to Griffith University to read lots of books. After graduating I became a full-time vagabond. I drifted around the world for many years and was often homeless. For half a year I lived in a mate’s garage. It was very romantic; I woke up every day covered in ants.

After a few years in Germany and Austria I found myself in Boston, where I was hired by Harvard University to fix computers. At the end of 2007, I was invited to join a lab at Harvard as a scientific programmer. That was bit tricky because I’m an autodidact and not especially talented at science, but I made a go of it anyway.

In my free time I dabbled in graphic design, illustration and web-development. After spending a few years as a really mediocre scientist, I took a job as a creative director in the same lab I’d been working in the past few years.

In 2013, I quit Harvard to write books full-time. I have completed two novels — The Harvard Skull Fiasco and Rise of the Blue Bandicoot. I hope these books are well-received because they effectively euthanize any future employment prospects that I might once have enjoyed.

I have two small children and lived, until recently, in a ramshackle house in Cambridge, Massachusetts; we now live in the western suburbs of Brisbane in Australia.

When not writing I am telling somebody to put on a coat, or to take a breath, or use their words, or to please … take one … more … bite. In my spare time I locate socks.

about this website

Illustrations on this site were provided by 愚木混株 (I hope I’m pronouncing that right) in Shanghai, China, and myself.