Announcing The Blue Bandicoot Saga Omnibus Edition

Posted September 17, 2019  ‐ 3 min read

The Blue Bandicoot Saga

Now listen-up, people … I’ve gone ahead and quietly released a special ‘ebook edition’ omnibus called The Blue Bandicoot Saga that contains my two novels about the terribly-honest jewel thief, Shea. If you haven’t bought any of my books, I’d recommend starting with this one.

First, it’s cheaper than buying the first two books separately, and second, the next book in the series will be added to it, later on, when that book is published … like, free of charge to people who buy The Blue Bandicoot Saga now.

By the way, another reason I’m doing this is because the first book in the series, The Harvard Skull Fiasco, ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, and it turns out that some people dislike those and will occasionally write to me to say so, even though The Italian Job ended on an actual, literal cliffhanger, and had no sequel, and that movie really blew the doors off the genre, so-to-speak, and yet The Harvard Skull Fiasco does have sequel(s) that are immediately available, and well, look, I don’t know … Some people just like to complain, I guess. Well, now they can buy the omnibus edition instead, because there’s no cliffhanger in The Blue Bandicoot Saga, because you can keep on reading, like it’s all one book. So there.



End of story.

Well, almost.

People have been asking about the next (third) book in the series, and I’ve been telling them it’s called The Werewolves of Harvard Yard. And they inevitably respond, ‘Wait, what? There are werewolves in the next book?’ to which I always reply, ‘No, none whatsoever. Why do you ask?’

Look, I published a book called Rise of the Blue Bandicoot, remember? People have just got to stop expecting me to be good at naming things. I can’t tell you precisely what the third book will be titled, but I can promise it will be titled something.

I can also tell you that the third book focuses on Wendell’s hunt for his best-friend and sometimes nemesis, Shea.

Shea has disappeared, and if Wendell doesn’t find him soon, his comfortable career as a Harvard librarian will be at an end.

The problem is, not even Shea’s troublesome friend Fabian knows where Shea is, only that he’s hiding somewhere in the south of Spain, working on his next big heist. But Fabian does know the location of a certain missing skull which, if recovered, will save Wendell’s career and no-doubt result in him having in a much larger, nicer office.

And it turns out that Fabian will happily hand over the artefact’s location, provided Wendell does him a small favor, and helps him defeat Shea in one final, deadly game of knife-tag.

short version

Buy the The Blue Bandicoot Saga, and it’ll be updated with the third book in the series, when that is published. The Blue Bandicoot Saga is available now on Kindle Unlimited.