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Quarrels with Dogs in the Dead of Night, Part I

So in October last year I found myself knowing that I was, yet again, about a month away from needing to rent a reliable Tauntaun simply to get over to the shops, and it made me really annoyed suddenly. I felt a bit frantic, to be honest. I kept going outside as often as I could - not merely to seize the day, but to hug it desperately for all its lingering warmth. That's why I decided to take my dog hiking in New Hampshire.

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The Rat Lieutenant is Dead

I don't know why mental health professionals had warned me against ever taking a position of authority because I found it quite bracing. A few things had bothered me, like Harvard's strict rules about not throwing furniture at the people who report to you, no matter how much they might have it coming to them, but any job from which you leave of your own accord instead of being carted out by security can be chalked up as a success in my mind.

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