Thanks for getting in touch.

I really appreciate it.

Well, I’ll probably appreciate it, especially if your message was particularly nice. I like nice messages. Who doesn’t like nice messages?

General Disclaimer

In the unlikely event that your message is for whatever reason not nice, I can make no guarantees on the subject of appreciating it.

In fact, due to various unfortunate life-experiences, personal failings, and one particularly aggravating incident that involved a rather nasty-tempered pony somewhere near the coast of Dorset in the United Kingdom, I have had occasion to note that sometimes appreciating unpleasant matters can be a struggle.

Messages that are Not Nice, for instance. Or ponys that kick one when one is looking in the other direction, to give a completely hypothetical example.

In short, while I shall enveavour to do my utmost to actually appreciate your message, my honest nature requires that I reveal to you that ever since I was the subject of a vicious pony attack in Dorset, life has hardened me.