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The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Meet Shea. He’s difficult—he suffers from pathological problems with authority and an unrepentant truthfulness. When he’s not fixing computers in the library at Harvard Medical School, he’s tormenting middle managers, and feuding with his boss. But where in the Harvard employee manual does it say you have to behave perfectly at all times?

When one day he uncovers the administration’s secret plot to replace the library with a Starbucks cafe, Shea decides to stop them. He soon finds himself on a collision course with just about everyone, including a vivacious librarian named Astrid who doesn’t quite agree that stealing the world’s most famous skull is the best way to save a library. What follows is a comical and heart-warming tale of a misfit breaking all the rules in his quest to become a better person.

A feel-good story in the spirit of The Rosie Project and The Pink Panther, Kris St.Gabriel’s novel offers a thoughtful exploration of the profound power of narrative to transform the world.

"Kris’s irreverent, quirky sense of humor brings us this satirical book which perfectly captures the unique craziness of life at Harvard Medical School and its preeminent library. With this book Kris has created a great work of fiction although as I read the book there were many times when I couldn’t help but wonder if in fact it all actually happened."
— Ed Coburn former Publishing Director, Harvard Health Publications department of Harvard Medical School and former resident of the 6th Floor of the Countway Library of Medicine

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Rise of the Blue Bandicoot


The plan was simple; steal the world’s most famous skull and tell no more than 37 close friends and co-workers.

Shea has hatched an ingenious plan to save a Harvard library from being turned into a Starbucks cafe. Unfortunately, that plan hinged on stealing a skull and not losing it afterwards. Or getting grabbed by security guards and kicked in the head, for that matter.

Still, what else could go wrong at this point?

Shea remains optimistic that he can both steal the skull and save the library from evil forces, but it’s going to be tricky. So far, he’s had to contend with a cabal of hackers, his aggravatingly friendly boss, Hector, and a decidedly creepy Harvard psychiatrist who, Shea suspects, probably wanted to eat him.

It’s going to take all his ingenuity to out-think his adversaries and overcome his various personality issues. Unfortunately, there are far crazier people than Shea on the loose at Harvard Medical School. And that’s not counting the ghosts…

"A hilarious tale of intrigue, congenial knavery, and academia. With his witty writing and flair for the absurd, St. Gabriel has created an astonishingly accurate portrayal of life in the support operations of higher education."
— Joshua Parker former circulation desk manager for the Countway Library at Harvard Medical School

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